After discovering spray paint art while procrastinating watching Youtube, Brad decided to give it a go. Thus, the Rosé 3-Way artwork was born (see – procrastination can be productive!)


The 3 techniques used in the heart represent the 3 components of the wine and the heart represents his love for Rosé. The split background represents the different outcomes that can result from decisions.

Painting size: H1.13m x W0.82m



The idea for the Winter Soldier painting is to make a winter scene with a soldier on a journey, ready to battle his way through the winter elements.

The soldier represents the rosé and his size in the vast landscape of the painting represents the challenge ahead as a small batch rosé heading forth to tackle winter alone. The titan represents the big red wines that usually dominate the winter months.

Spray paint was used with brushes, presenting a new challenge as the quick drying nature of spray paint makes it difficult to blend.

The journey through winter is a long and difficult challenge, however this rosé will soldier on.

Painting size: H1.2m x W1.0m




The name for these wines comes from the fact that the Clay Ceramic sphere they are made in, resembles a cauldron.  

The painting for each has a bottle inspired by the style of the wine, and colours appropriate to the wine. 

These painting are brush painted with acrylics, with the exception of Number 4, which has a combination of brush painting and air brush, which was used to give a neon light glow effect. 

Painting sizes: 0.64m x 0.84m