THE B Team

It’s a one-man team…… for now. Brad Frederickson is the Creator and Winemaker behind Outside The Box Wines.


After studying Winemaking and Viticulture, and an 8-year stint as a travelling winemaker, it was time to hang up the travelling boots and put all that was learned to good use. A continual interest in alt wines lead to Outside The Box Wines becoming a reality.  



Harvests: 21 | Wineries: 18 | Regions: 11 | Countries: 7

Alternative Abilities: Artisan Maker | Artist | Sufficiently skilled in a Jet Boat.

Favourite wine: It’s never really been about having a favourite. It’s more about discovering wines that are made with passion, skill, finesse and creativity. It really shows through in the final product and excites you in the moment.

Philosophy: Winemaking is an art form. Just like in art, there’s both photographers and painters. Some wines are like a photograph – expressing place and terroir as if you took a photo there and then: Indigenous ferments and minimal intervention. Some wines are like a painting – where the winemaker has used all of the colours available to them to create something with their own personal touch or style.

Past Experiments: 2010 Syrah with whole bunch Riesling, 2015 Chardonnay with a portion of skin fermentation, 2015 Chardonnay Merlot Rosé, 2015 Skin fermented Falanghina, 2017 Skin Fermented Chardonnay, 2018 Tempranillo with home re-toasted old oak, 2018 Skin Fermented Riesling, 2018 Botrytis Syrah.